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of superstorm sandy approaches, the state has announced creation of a 3-million-gallon gasoline reserve. there was a shortage for weeks after the storm. new york is creating its own reser reserve. >>> another wave of violence in iraq. people were killed and dozens wounded after a car bomb. al qaeda affiliates were thought to be responsible. >>> from saudi arabia tonight, some of the women who protested the ban against driving in that country yesterday have been fined or arrested. one newspaper said 14 women were detained. other reports said at least 16 were fined the equivalent of nearly $300. women activists vowed to continue their acts of defiance. >>> a setback to arrange an international peace conference to end the civil war in treaty. nine rebel groups issued a statement saying the proposed meeting in geneva next month would amount to a treason and those who attended would be held accountable. the president of iran said it would participate if invited. >>> in a sign of changing times in iran, the municipal government of tehran has voted that billboards denouncing the united states
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1